Once again in her human form, Ariel can’t wait to come to your party. Over the years, she has amassed quite a treasure and wants to show them to you-her new friends.

Since music is such a big deal in her life, after all she knows the most famous conductor and composer in all the ocean-Sebastian; she would love to show you how to dance with a special routine she and Sebastian came up with. Sebastian also wrote a special song, just for her friends, for everyone to dance to.

 Ariel loves to sing, so don’t be surprised if she breaks out in song, while telling you her story.


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Party Includes:

  • Greeting each child
  • “Show and Tell”-Ariel shows her new friends some of her treasure which also include the “Dinglehopper” and “Snarfblat” from the movie
  • Song
  • Story time-using books relevant to Ariel and her world
  • Dance lessons
  • “Freeze Dancing” game
  • “What’s Missing?” game
  • Pictures
  • Special gift from Ariel