Cinderella's slipper on the road

She will sing. She will dance. She will be dressed to impress.

Her fairy godmother has been at it once again. Cinderella, in her beautiful blue sparkle gown and glorious glass slippers, longs to come to your birthday celebration.

Cinderella has not always been a princess. She has had to learn how and she’d love to teach you and your guests as well. Then on to some fun dancing. If you or your friends don’t know how to dance, don’t worry, she can teach you. She loves to dance and sing.

Cinderella will come ready to play and dance the day away with You!


What is included:

  • Greeting all the kids
  • Story and Song-using books relevant to Cinderella and her world
  • Make overs for all guests – includes water based nail polish, eye shadow, blush, chapstick, and a bow or head band. Also have Tattoos and hair gel.
  • Pictures
  • Special Gift from Cinderella